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Books. Reinvented.

Bubo is the best way to read e-books with synchronized music.

Pablo J. Garmón
Co-Founder & Content
Bruno D’Auria
Co-Founder & Engineering

We are a team of passionate readers, engineers, composers and illustrators dedicated to provide immersive reading experiences for books. One that is more personal, creative, social and educational. For everyone.

Books can have a tremendous amount of power to inspire, teach and connect people’s lives. Books should be read, shared, re-read, commented upon and used for inspiration. We have built a new way to enhance this experience. An opportunity to experience more, to feel more.

Bubo was started by a group of friends drawn together by their shared vision of creating beautifully crafted, immersive books.

We were not interested in audio books that dictate every step of the journey. Our focus was on creating music that would help the book speak for itself and magnify its emotional core. We knew that we needed to develop a technology that simply did not exist before.

Since Bubo took its first steps, we have spent our time perfecting the music engine built on top of our synchronization technology. Bubo was born as a platform where readers, music lovers and art enthusiasts alike can discover gorgeously crafted books with synchronized music. In a time when ebooks and streaming music are an ever-growing market, Bubo fills a major gap by helping telling amazing stories and making them a resounding emotional experience.

At Bubo, our dream is to take reading to the next level and do it in a beautiful, social and immersive way, one that is worthy for the 21st century technology.

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